Build Your Addition on a Strong Foundation

Build Your Addition on a Strong Foundation

Hire our concrete contractor for foundation work in Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, VA

Are you building a new addition or deck for your Norfolk or Chesapeake, VA home? That construction will need a dependable foundation to stand the test of time. Ames Concrete Construction can install a concrete foundation on your property.

You can count on our experts to install your concrete foundation correctly. We specialize in stamped, stained and decorative concrete, so you don’t have to deal with a boring gray slab as the floor of your addition. We’ll work with you to develop a beautiful design. Call us now to build your addition or deck on a durable concrete foundation.

What type of foundation does your addition need?

While you’re thinking about the layout and design of your new addition, don’t forget about its foundation. Here are four foundations to choose from:

  1. Full basement: A basement can add another living space to your property. You can also add insulation under the floor to increase comfort.
  2. Crawlspace: With a crawlspace, you can still insulate under the addition and use solid wood flooring without the cost of a full basement.
  3. Slab: If your addition is right at grade level, a slab foundation can be the cheapest option. Insulation can be installed under the slab, but the floor will still be pretty cold.
  4. Pole footings: Pole footings are usually used for decks and additions that are above grade. Wood floors and insulation can be installed with this type of foundation.

With a wealth of experience, we can help you decide which type of foundation would work best for your addition or deck. Contact us today at 757-435-6696 to discuss the pros and cons of each option.